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It’s been a long time coming but we finally managed to lock down fast-rising singing sensation Py in a studio to put together the third entry in our Live Session series. The gifted young singer is thriving at the moment, and we caught her just ahead of the release of her new single ‘Swimming Slow’, out March 10th via MTDL_RCRDS, which comes packaged with remixes from Gang Colours, Throwing Snow and Citizen.

Hailing from London, Jade Pybus has been making waves for some time now, by working closely with what has built up to be an impressive collection of producers and artists. Her often delicate, yet dangerously powerful vocals have stood out on tracks from Claude VonStroke, Lapalux, and the new album from Supreme Cuts. On the collaboration front she’s had some prolific talent behind the soundboard for some of her best work; Throwing Snow was in on the brooding ‘Wallow’, the deep lush ‘Blind’ featured Damu’s instrumental work and the swift ‘Whispers’ from her self-released Tripping On Wisdom mixtape came from iO.

We headed up to Unit Studios in Letchworth with Py and the rest of her live band, Andy Theakstone on drums and Jonny Harry helming the keyboard, for the infatuating performance of our three favourite tracks. We filmed the slick, heart-tugging new single ‘Swimming Slow’, the relentless, thundering ‘Lungs’, originally a collaboration with George FitzGerald and her first proper solo outing ‘Polyethers’, with it’s warming vocals and intricate percussion. It was a truly mesmerising and moving session, with Py’s dazzling vocals captivating throughout, captured visually by the Bokah crew and audibly by Andy Theakstone from Unit Studios and Matt Timms.

We had a chat with Py about the session and her plans for 2014 which you can read below, and be sure to watch all three parts of the session. Swimming Slow is out on the 10th March and is available on Boomkat and to pre-order on iTunes.

So how did you enjoy doing the session? This was your first one wasn’t it?

It was my first filmed session today! It was good thank you, very different to playing live. Thank you very much for having me!

You just released an official video for ‘Swimming Slow’, can you tell us a bit about the concept behind it?

I like the idea that the audience can place their own scenario into the song and the video, they can take what they like from it. For me the song is all about our finding who you really are, realising that as you grow you change, and it’s not something to be fearful of.

Are you doing anything in preparation for the upcoming release of ‘Swimming Slow’ as it’s your next single?

I have a single launch this Tuesday (4th March), which I am very excited about. Mo Kolours, and Alight are supporting so its a heavy line up. i-D are there DJing in-between and my first ever vinyl (of my own) will be available to buy on the night, with all the remixes on, coming from Citizen, Throwing Snow, Gang Colours and Sweater beats. AND IT’S PURPLEEE.

We hear you’ve been working with Maya Jane Coles on a new track, can you tell us a bit about it, and how that came about?

Yes I have, Maya is amazing. She heard some of my mixtape a long time ago and ever since then we have been trying to do something. It was great to finally work with her and I am very excited for people to hear the tune.

Is there any more forthcoming new music we can expect to hear soon?

There will be another Py single this summer, and I have a few collaborations I am working on at the moment.

How was it working with George FitzGerald on ‘Lungs’?

It was good, George is a really nice guy. ‘Lungs’ was a ditty I recorded a capella; I often do this and have loads kicking about that I am not quite sure what to do with. I put this up on Soundcloud and George liked it, we had been working together already but then decided to use ‘Lungs’ as a starting point and developed it further. I still love playing ‘Lungs’ live.

Who would be the dream collaboration for you?

I would love to do a project with Geoff Barrow and T.I.P. producing together, I think that would be really interesting. I would also love to work with Skream, Hudson Mohawke, and Sia is an amazing songwriter I would love to work with.

What are your live plans for the next few months? Have you been booked up for any summer festivals yet?

Yes I am doing a few, but this summer will be focussed on writing and recording for me. I am playing Farr Festival again, which was so much fun last year, and the line up looks ace again. I am also playing at Summer Soltise in Iceland, which I CAN’T WAIT for… I have never been to Iceland, and again the line up is heavy.

And finally, can you give us a song you can’t get enough of at the moment?

I have recently been working with Ofei and his EP London is AHHHHmazin. I listen to it most days.

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