Bokah Mix #012 – Toyboy & Robin


If we had to pinpoint a duo that will breakout this year, our next guest mixers would most definitely be our first pick. Having gradually built a solid following and musical imprint over the past few years, they’ve been big on the remix scene as well as the output of their own productions. Conjuring playful beats and infectious grooves, all with a solid kick, our next mix comes from future house prodigies Toyboy & Robin.

Always the party starters, Toyboy & Robin have specialised in making music that gets people moving. In the last coupe of years they’ve made substantial ripples throughout the bass & house movement, putting their name to some killer tracks. One of their initial head-turners and most recognisable tracks was ‘Everything You Want’, a neon-garage roller that exercised a perfectly executed R&B sample. Another early mover, and one that featured in Aaron Lipsett’s superb entry to the Bokah mix series, was ‘No More Sunshine’, a crazily catchy vocal led production that bounced along in the slickest fashion.

Following with more stylish dance-floor jams, Toyboy & Robin expanded their repertoire with multiple remixes, most notably Lana Del Rey’s ‘Summertime Sadness’, Bipolar Sunshine’s ‘Rivers’, and Tensnake’s huge ‘See Right Through’, the second single taken from the recent ‘Glow’.

Now, 2014 brings a new era of releases for the duo, first with the delivery of their single ‘Jaded’, the 2013 favourite that received a re-release in January under their new MTA Records home. This has swiftly been followed by the arrival of their latest Better Places EP, their most fully-fledged, refined work to date. The lead title track, featuring Alex Adams, is a pure dance-floor stormer, simultaneously tugging on the heartstrings and recalling to mind the MJ heydays, and also climaxing the mix they’ve put together for us. The rest of the EP is a sterling listen, and shows the duo have progressed leaps and bounds, utilising vocalists throughout to a backdrop of silky smooth, groove-induced lightweight house.

It’s fair to say their mix arrives at a time when the duo are in prime form, and it’s not hard to tell upon listening that this is most certainly the case. With a stunning track selection, Toyboy & Robin’s mix winds through the likes of Nora En Pure’s sublime ‘Come With Me’, to Kidnap Kid’s latest ‘Stronger’ endeavour, building its way towards Deetron & Ben Westbeech’s classic track ‘Rhythm’, as well as a much welcomed Four Tet throwback number.

Download the mix below, and read our interview with the pair beneath that.


Marek Hemmann – Yvette
Nora En Pure – Come With Me
Kidnap Kid – Stronger
The Field – Over The Ice
Jacques Greene – Dakou
Lorca – Forgive Me Love
Four Tet – Plastic People
Jimmy Edgar – Strike
Deetron Feat. Ben Westbeech – Rhythm
A1 Bassline – 20 Salmon
LKid – Light It Up
Lee Jones – Moment (George FitzGerald Remix)
Toyboy & Robin Feat. Alex Adams – Better Places

Hey guys, thanks for putting together the mix for us! It’s got a great vibe and a really nice flow to it – can you tell us a bit about the sound you were going for and your track selection?

Thanks for asking us to do it! Well with summer coming we tried to give it a bit more of a sunny feel, something to chuck on your iPod when it’s a nice warm day. It’s all pretty melodic which is always best for summer.

So who’s Toyboy and who’s Robin? How did the name come about?

Toyin is Toyboy and Rob is Robin. The name actually came about just through nicknames, nothing too fancy sadly. But people tell us they dig it so we just gotta hope they’re not lying!

You’re on the cusp of the release of your ‘Better Places’ EP; how’s the response been to the tracks you’ve put out so far? How’s your sound progressed from previous releases?

Really good actually! We won’t lie, there’s always a bit of apprehension before a release, as we like to think we’re progressing our sound, but at the same time don’t want to alienate previous listeners. It’s obviously more vocal than anything we’ve ever done and with original vocalists, the whole process was a little different. That said, the reaction has been great which gives us the confidence to push the boundaries a little more in the future.

When it comes to production, how does the creative process work in the studio between the two of you? Does each of you have a ‘role’ or is it more of a freestyle?

Well we’ve actually just got a studio in the last couple of months – we were both actually working full time before then. So it used to be a case of bouncing ideas around between each other. That can still be the case sometimes but more often than not we’re both there working on stuff together now. It’s a LOT quicker now though to make tweaks! Toy definitely knows more about production, so I’m always learning, but on the whole we’re both there on the creative process.

‘Better Places’ is a phenomenal tune, it’s been stuck on repeat at Bokah HQ ever since it went up on Soundcloud; how did you end up working with Alex Adams on it?

Ahh, thank you very much! It first started life as an instrumental in around November 2012. It was then sent out to writers and Alex came up trumps first time round. Then between jobs, gigs and trying to have a social life, we eventually got the track fully finished in around October 2013…sometimes these things take a while.

Are you going to continue working with vocalists on tracks in the future? Who would the dream collaboration be with?

Definitely, we’ve been working with loads of vocalists as of late so fingers crossed some, if not all, of those tracks come to fruition! As for dream collaborations: –

Toyin: London Grammar

Rob: Not that big at the moment, but this guy called Rhodes is amazingly talented and would be great to get in the studio with him.

We know the EP isn’t even out yet but what have you got in store for us next? Will there be new music in the coming months, or some more remixes maybe?

Definitely. We have the next single finished. This year is literally about us writing and pushing as much content as possible, making up for lost time last year!

This project Toyboy & Robin has really taken off for you guys recently – are you working on this full time or do you also maintain day jobs? What are your ambitions for the project?

As aforementioned, we used to work full time but now we’re fortunate enough to live a sustainable life from the music alone…it’s a great situation to be in so we never rest on our laurels and don’t take any of it for granted. I guess the ambition is to make it to the top – if that isn’t your ambition, you should probably find another career!!!

We’ve heard rumors of a live show being in the works – is this something you guys are still working on?

It’s something we’ll look to do in the future, but right now it’s going well just DJing. A live show definitely lends itself more to touring an album, so if and hopefully when that happens, we’ll begin practicing some sort of live show.

Have you got your festival plans for the summer sorted yet? Where can people catch you?

We’re playing at a few festivals but sadly don’t think we’re at liberty to say yet as some of the lineups haven’t been released. Keep your eyes peeled though. We have a pretty solid gig schedule though, so no doubt will be playing a lot in the summer – hopefully at a city near you!

What track can you not get enough of at the moment?

Toyin: Schoolboy Q – ‘Man Of The Year

Robin: Eric Sneo – ‘Process Work‘ (well…in the clubs at least)

Thanks guys!

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