Bokah Mix #002 – Gage


For our second Bokah Mix, may we introduce Bristol based fresh talent, Gage; demonstrating his skills with a hard-hitting, hour long session that moves between sumptuous house through to the heavier sounds of punchy garage. Consisting mainly of dubs and unreleased gems, this really is a mix you don’t want to miss!

Recently we have seen Gage’s reputation build in the Bristol scene and we expect this coming release to get him more widespread recognition. Don’t be shy on the volume dial; this deserves to be played loud.

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Public Enemy – P.E.S.A
Monkey Wrench – Colombia [dub]
Tanka – Make Some Music [dub]
Outboxx – Astro Girl [Forthcoming Immerse]
HaHaHa – Adzuki Beans [Tighten Up]
Gage – Take a Sip [dub]
Troy Gunner – Obsessions [dub]
iO – AFDW [dub]
Gage – Burnin [Forthcoming Dench]
Pasteman & Tanka – Get Screwin [Forthcoming Dench]
Untitled [dub]
Bad Mojo – Burn Slow (Almostt Remix) [Forthcoming Meanbucket]
Artifact – Turtle Fight [dub]
Sly One – Lean Back [dub]
iO – Tough Luck [dub]
Untitled [dub]
Pusherman – Still Feel [Dench]
Majora & My Nu Leng – Hips n Thighs [dub]
TOYC – Levy [dub]
Trim – Notice Now (Gage Remix VIP)
Jaycek – Dreamer [dub]
Karma Kid – King Solomon [Forthcoming Shifting Peaks]
Flirta D & Helix – No Hook No BS [Night Slugs]
Untitled [dub]
Shizzle – DJ Mondie Straights [White]

Hello Gage! It’s fantastic to have you doing a guest mix for us. For those reading who aren’t familiar with the type of music you produce, how would you best describe it?

Erm, I’d say I sit somewhere in between House, Garage and Techno. Some of my older stuff could definitely be described as Bass music and I suppose it still could, but I’ve been refining my sound a lot more recently.

Well it’s a winning sound. And what about collaborations; is there any one artist in particular you would like to work with?

Right now I think I’d say Tessela, can’t get enough of his Punch Drunk or 2nd Drop release.

Well that would be interesting; fingers crossed that can happen one day. So what other music are you into at the moment? Are there any up and coming artists you think people should look out for in 2012, maybe some Bristol talent?

There are so many artists at the moment that are making brilliant music. Both of Pusherman‘s releases this year have been huge! Then there’s producers like iO who manipulates synths brilliantly, Troy Gunner who samples like nobody else I know and Jaycek whose music sits somewhere in between Bass and Rap/Hip-Hop music, filling his own little niche. I could probably go on for hours about music that I’m feeling but I’ve been listening to a lot of TOYC, Zulu, Mak & Pasteman and Tanka.

Bristol wise, the artists that I’ve been rinsing recently are Artifact, Hodge, Outboxx, and My Nu Leng. Then there’s Sly-One, a relatively new trio who have been making bangers and Monkey Wrench, another trio who are readying to put out their first EP.

For your fellow tech heads and producers out there, what software/hardware do you use to make your tracks?

At the moment my set up is simple as; I use Logic Pro 9 and the monitors I use are Alesis M1Active 520USB’s. They’re cheap but they do the job pretty well. I recently (finally) purchased an M-Audio Oxygen 8 MIDI Keyboard. I try to use my own samples whenever possible as well, recording all sorts to use as percussive sounds.

We’re really excited for your ‘Bank’ EP release in May. What can we expect from it and what kind of sound were you trying to achieve on this EP?

Thanks. Erm, these tracks were written a long time ago (between May & August 2011) just after I had my debut on L2S signed. It’s nice to see them coming out now. The songs are very melodic and I spent a lot of time on synthesis and countermelodies initially. ‘Bank’ and ‘Always Has Been’ are definitely ones for the dance floor, whereas I remember starting ‘Whiffdraw’ and thinking “I want to make a track that I’d like to cotch to”. I feel that it shows development from my debut and will work as a perfect step towards my next release around autumn 2012.

What club nights can people expect to see you playing this year?

I’m currently a resident at LFO Bristol with Ollie Macfarlane, a bi-monthly night at Basement 45, which I’ve really enjoyed so far. I’m looking to play outside of Bristol at the moment and over the summer, so that’s where I’ve been focusing some of my energy recently (when I should be revising).

LFO does throw a good party. So what it is that you love about the Bristol music scene that you feel makes it unique and exciting?

I’ve been trying to answer this myself recently! I think the scene is quite tight-knit; the city’s small so once you start meeting one producer you start meeting others. Everyone seems to be on a similar wavelength when it comes to music as well. Also I find that the general public are a lot more friendly here than back home!

And finally, what track can’t you get enough of at the moment?

Tom Trago – Use Me Again (And Again) – This track cheers me up no matter what.

Thanks Gage. ‘Bank EP’ is out on Sub Philo on the 8th of May. Don’t miss it.

Check out Gage’s Soundcloud and Facebook for more updates.

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