Bokah Mix #005 – Aaron Lipsett


It’s been a while since our last Bokah Mix. In all honestly, we weren’t quite sure how to top Maribou State who quite simply, delivered on all fronts. Well, we’ve been searching low and high and think we found just the right producer to roll out our fifth mix. If his name isn’t familiar to you, it will be soon – we’re expecting big things from this budding young artist. Spinning some funky house, bass driven garage, and 90’s styled house-movers, our fifth mix is brought to you by Aaron Lipsett.

Hailing from West Ireland, Lipsett is starting to make real impressions on the burgeoning UK scene. Following a string of superb productions on his Soundcloud, most notably his collaborations with fellow Irishman Fion, the pair have begun to gain a huge following and much deserved label interest. Perhaps the breakthrough tune for them was their re-jiggle of Brandy’s ‘Best Friend’, aptly titled ‘Cognac’. Pure old-school R&B, sharpened up to a bouncy beat and slick synths; a fresh breath of life into a recognisable sample – one Groove Armada fans are no doubt familiar with.

Aaron has since released on the mighty Black Butter Records, with his remix of Clean Bandit’s ‘Nightingale’ being featured on the EP single. You can listen to the Bestival king Rob Da Bank airing the tune on his Radio 1 show last month; some feat for an up-and-comer like Lipsett. Now snapped up by Kerri Chandler’s unstoppable MadTech label, Aaron’s ‘Know This’ got the debut release for their free download imprint, MTDL. As well as hearing the track in this mix, you can grab it over on XLR8R where it’s being hosted.

Catch Aaron playing at next week’s Eton Messy night alongside Fion, Pále, AZ&TOR and Sly One at The Croft in Bristol. He’ll no doubt be rolling out a set similar to this mix; packed full of bubbling house and catchy hooks, keeping the pace going throughout. Look out for gems from iO, Plezier, and Frankie Bingo, as well as that absolute stomper from Jason Burns. Listen and download the mix below, and read our interview with Aaron beneath that.


Krystal Klear – My love Is Burning
Toyboy & Robin – No More Sunshine
iO – Always Something
Pasteman & Herobot – Off The Chain
Queenie – And Every
Zak Zoms – Bring Me Down (Stanton Warriors Vocal Mix)
Frankie Bingo – Chain Of Fools
Figgy – Only You
Real Connoisseur – Nobody’s Fool
Samuel Dan – Good Love
Aaron Lipsett – Know This
Jason Burns ft. Reva Devito – Lightning / Ditto – Baybe
Plezier – That Was Me

Hi Aaron. It’s great to see you’re playing at the next Eton Messy night, what can people expect to hear when you play out? Is this Bokah mix you’ve put together for us a good representation of that?

Yeah, this mix would be something similar to the type of stuff myself and Fion play in our sets. We try to keep the set’s quite floor friendly, so plenty of 4/4 house and garage with a few different bits thrown in to mix it up a bit.

Your recent remix of Clean Bandit’s ‘Nightingale’ got some air time on Radio 1; how was it having Rob Da Bank play your track? Do you think radio still plays a vital role in gaining exposure for underground producers like yourself?

Yeah, it’s amazing hearing your track on Radio 1, something everybody starting off aims to achieve I guess – I wouldn’t have imagined it six months ago. I do think radio is still quite vital, although not nearly to the extent that it used to be, with the internet and whatnot. I think more and more people are turning to specialist websites where they can pick and choose what they want to hear, and can also be linked to the artists page. However, it’s great that stations as big as Radio 1 are so involved with the music scene and unheard of artists…quite different in Ireland.

And what about the Eton Messy channel, has this played a large role for you in gaining support and exposure? Do you think platforms like this are responsible for the success of smaller artists?

Definitely, for me personally it has helped so much; ‘Cognac’ was first picked up by the channel a few months back and helped so much with building followers etc. I think it’s great that people starting off with no management, can send on their tracks and if they’re of a certain quality then they can be put on the channel for thousands to view and share. Eton Messy, along with the other channels are a major reason the genre is spreading so fast, I think a lot of people don’t have the time for Soundcloud and these channels are definitely helping gather great music in an accessible way.

Are there any more releases or productions that you’re working on at the moment that you can share with us?

Just working on my own stuff at the moment, one or two I’ll be throwing up for free. Have also been asked about doing more remix work over the past few days, so time depending, I’ll see what I can do.

For your fellow tech heads and producers out there, what software/hardware do you use to make your tracks?

I use very little hardware, bar a midi keyboard. Software-wise I’m currently using FL Studio, but I’m catching up on Ableton as that’s where I want to be at – I think it suits my workflow a lot better. With regards to VST’s, I rarely use anything except ‘Massive’ by Native Instruments; it’s just such a great tool.

Are there any up-and-coming artists you can recommend our readers to look out for in the near future?

There are so many, I couldn’t choose just one. I guess one artist I think will do very well is TCTS; I know he’s not exactly unknown at the moment, as he’s doing very well, but I think he will go very far this year – his production quality is of such high standard.

And finally, what track can’t you get enough of at the moment?

Hard question – somebody posted ‘Codex’ by Radiohead a few days ago, I know it’s not new but I’ve been rinsing it lately. It’s a classic.

Thanks Aaron!

Check out Aaron Lipsett’s Facebook for more updates.

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